How Evergreen helped Wunderdog with peer recognition and environmental impact

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We like Evergreen a lot because it makes it possible to combine positive everyday feedback to colleagues, sustainability theme and making company culture visible.

Emilia Vesa

Head of People Operations

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About Wunderdog

Wunderdog is a high-end consultancy agency in creating digital products and services. They guide their customers through the maze of crafting digital products and services from ideation to execution. By combining smart ways of working, human-centered design and high-quality code they build sustainable, future-proof services together with their customers.

Today Wunderdog has grown from a wild Finnish dream to an international technology company that serves companies from small startups to big corporations.

Wunderdog's wonderful culture

From the very beginning, Wunderdog was built to be the best possible workplace for its employees, a place where everyone is happy to go to each morning. In the early years, they crafted their culture manifesto that still to this day is the basis for everything they do. You can read it from here! (We highly recommend this)

As a self directed organization Wunderdog doesn't have any supervisors, but that doesn't mean there aren't any support structures in place. Support is managed through growth facilitators that guide others with their goals, growth and a salary development. This creates a structure that doesn't leave people into a void and keeps the organization flat and fast moving.

Digitization of the Doggomedals -program 🐶

Wunderdog wanted to take their employee recognition program to virtual form. (It's called "Doggomedals" – And we love it as it's so unique.) The physical model wasn’t possible to implement while working remotely and people didn’t give recognition that often.

For Wunderdog it was important to really get everyone giving recognition to each other more frequently, in everyday life. Emilia (Head of People Operations) spotted Evergreen and immediately got excited that it could be the solution for the more frequent positive feedback remotely. Sustainability is important to Wunderdog's employees so it was a match made in heaven to have employees plant trees as they are giving recognition to their colleagues.

I was a bit nervous to introduce a new tool, but Evergreen was really well received by people and now it is used on a daily basis. -Emilia

Using Evergreen daily

Evergreen helps and truly motivates Wunderdog's people to give recognition to their colleagues from small everyday deeds to bigger achievement. It's really nice to get recognized even for the small things like bringing snacks to the office or organizing Slack channels.

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With Evergreen Wunderdog has been able to highlight people’s good deeds and nurture a sense of community even more, which is exactly what Emilia wanted Evergreen to do. From people operations point of view it's great to see how the company's core values are visible in the daily communication.

The people and the environment around us matter. Taking good care of them is our duty as a company committed to our present and future.

Wunderdog is also a part of the WWF Green Office environmental management system, which is helping them reduce their carbon footprint and using natural resources sustainably (e.g. reducing flights between offices and offering vegetarian food in their events). So planting trees through recognitions was something that fit right in the Wunderdog's culture. They are also planning on how to take sustainability themes to customer work.

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For only $3.99 per active user a month. In the 14 day free trial we don’t plant real trees, but you can skip the trial if you like.