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How Evergreen helped Kent & White with peer recognition and environmental impact

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With our fast pace and our aggressive growth, sometimes it can be difficult to pause and celebrate wins or give recognition. Evergreen was the perfect solution to encourage these things to happen even when we're busy.

Brian Schryer

Co-Owner and CEO

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Get to Know Kent & White

Kent & White is a family owned insurance brokerage established in 1946. They cover personal insurance, business insurance, and surety bonding. At Kent & White, the mission is simple: to create a genuine feeling of comfort in everything they do for their employees, clients, and community.

There is nothing more important to Kent & White than their culture. Their culture is driven by their core values of integrity, humility, friendliness, doing what is in their client's best interests, continuous learning, and care for each other – and the culture of their team aligns with their values in every way.

Having their core values at the heart of their organization has translated into resounding success for the firm and Kent & White has been a strong presence in their community for three generations.

Pain Points of a Growing Organisation

Kent & White is currently one of the fastest growing insurance brokerages in Atlantic Canada. However, fast growth comes with its own set of challenges. Amidst the aggressive rate at which the firm has been growing, Kent & White has found it challenging to pause and celebrate their wins and recognize the hard work and dedication of their employees.

Recognising your employees is important for any company but is especially important for a firm which is growing as quickly as Kent & White. Employee recognition fosters strong company culture, but also boosts employee happiness and productivity – all of which is especially important to preserve when a business is experiencing rapid growth.

Kent & White’s team is everything to them, and a great team provides amazing service. What Kent & White needed was a solution which would encourage them to take a moment to easily give recognition to each other – even when they are busy!

Kent & White is currently one of the fastest growing insurance brokerages in Atlantic Canada. However, fast growth comes with its own set of challenges.

Success with Evergreen

Evergreen was the only solution Kent & White considered as they loved how Evergreen’s concept matched so clearly with their core values of taking care of each other, as well as enhancing communities in need by planting trees.

Kent & White uses Evergreen for a wide array of uses. In example they use Evergreen when another member of their team helps out on a project, or to congratulate an accomplishment.

One of Evergreen’s features Kent & White love is that they can tag their core values and apply them to specific recognitions. As what the organization does is so strongly oriented around their values, tagging recognitions with their core values helps Kent & White to specifically identify situations where they are being shown by their team.

“There is a new recognition nearly every day. It's one thing to feel valued by your organization, but using Evergreen allows people to feel valued by their peers, and that is an amazing feeling!” -Brian

Before finding Evergreen, Kent & White already had a very close-knit team, but using Evergreen brought the team even closer. Due to COVID-19, many members of their team have been working at home. With their rapid growth, many of their new positions that have been created have been filled by brokers that work from home in various regions. Using Evergreen to recognise each other has helped their team still feel connected, no matter where they are working from!

Using Evergreen has improved the team’s day-to-day life because their people know they are valued, not only by their organization, but by their peers as well. They feel like a big family that's there for each other. When recognition is given, it enforces that feeling of being valued and when people feel valued, they genuinely tend to enjoy what they do.

Using Evergreen has increased Kent & White’s peer recognition tenfold since implementation, and as an owner, Brian loves seeing how much the team has adopted and loves using Evergreen.

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