How Evergreen helped Worklete with peer recognition and environmental impact

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People appreciate the recognition and they feel good about helping the planet at the same time.

James Rowley

Chief Technology Officer

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About Worklete

Worklete platform has partnered with some of the top minds in athletics, physical therapy, and behavioral science to develop their technology platform, which helps prevent work-related injuries in frontline workers who perform physically demanding tasks. Their innovative method has been proven to reduce musculoskeletal injuries by 53% on average by using predictive analytics and smart skill-building.

Worklete saves their customers millions of dollars a year in injury-related expenses and inefficiencies. They are “the cockpit for the frontline worker” and are all about “keeping people safe who use their body to perform their job”. They have addressed 70,000 employees with their program in the past three years, and their goal is to reach 3 million in the next three.

The Problem

Worklete has ambitious goals in terms of growth and having great company culture will be key to accomplishing them. Employee recognition has been found to improve both company culture and employee engagement. According to Forbes, recognized employees are on average 12% more productive. They are also happier, more trusting, and tend to stay with their companies longer.

Worklete is passionate about the people and the industries they serve. Their employees represent the diversity shape, size, color, and background of those communities. They live their product and strive to keep every person in their program injury-free. Worklete wanted to implement a recognition app to find a meaningful way to recognize the hard work of their employees. They decided to use Evergreen because of how easy it is to use and how planting trees strongly aligns with their company values.

Easy Implementation

One of the things Worklete loves about Evergreen is how easy it is to use. Implementing the app was very simple, and within just a few days, their entire team had embraced using Evergreen.

"Implementing Evergreen was very easy. We announced it and people started using the app right away." -James


Worklete’s team uses Evergreen every day to recognise the hard work their employees do. They love Evergreen because of how easy it is to use and how it encourages their employees to take time writing meaningful messages to each other.

“On a daily basis we use Evergreen to recognize each other. We are a small company and we constantly encourage and thank each other. It is a meaningful way to recognise the hard work people and contribute to a good cause at the same time.” -James

Using Evergreen has improved their team’s day to day life because their employees take time to write meaningful messages to each other, recognising their hard work –  building Worklete’s company culture while helping the planet at the same time!

Only pay for active users who use Evergreen

Lots of support, with a help center and direct email options

Cancel at any time, so why not give us a try

Start feeling good about work

For only $3.99 per active user a month. In the 14 day free trial we don’t plant real trees, but you can skip the trial if you like.