How Evergreen Actually Works

The idea is simple but beautiful 👇

  • Weekly seeds

    Every active user gets 3 seeds per week to give away (to their colleagues). Seeds will stack up to 12 seeds, but you can only give maxium of 3 seeds at once so remember to use them.
  • Give recognition

    Your colleague does something that you want to recognize. Use simple /evergreen slash command, then write your message and choose how many seeds you want to give. The message will also be posted to a dedicated public 'recognition' channel so others can see it as well.
  • Time to plant

    The person who got your recognition can now plant the seeds with a click of a button. We’ll plant the trees for real via
  • Track your progress

    Each tree planted sequesters an average of 84 kg carbon annually. You can track your carbon offset and planted trees on a personal and organizational level on annual basis. Cool, right?
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