How It Works

Easy to use, Easy to implement.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition
Send value driven peer-to-peer recognition under 20 seconds.
Tag Company Values & Projects
Tag and track company values and projects related to recognitions.
Broadcast Recognitions
Broadcast every recognition to company wide channel to boost peer-to-peer recognition.
Track Employee Engagement
See who are giving and receiving most recognition. Import in CSV.
Track How Values Are Used
Focus on what matters. See where company values matters and who lives up to them.
Track Carbon Offset
Track personal and company wide carbon offset.
Share Tree Seeds
Every active user can give away up to 12 seeds to colleague within recognition per month.
Plant Real Trees
When you receive recognition, you also get to plant real trees and make an real impact to the world.
Track Progress
Each tree planted sequesters an average of 84 kg carbon annually.
“Our team loves Evergreen. We already had a very close team but this brought us closer. As we have more and more members of our team working from home, Evergreen brings us all together so that our team still feels very connected no matter where they work.”
Brian Schryer
CEO, Kent & White Insurance

These companies are already making a real impact.

Constant peer-to-peer recognition is key to great company culture and our amazing clients know it. Join in, you'll be in a good company.

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