Evergreen product update Q3/2021

Aleksi Meldo

Co-founder @Evergreen

Hi 👋 , it’s time for our quarterly product update and a recap of everything we’ve been working on for the past months.

During these past months, our focus has been on improving the user experience of the Slack app based on our users’ valuable feedback and observations. (many thanks for all your ideas 🙏 )

We’ve made improvements to the admins on how to manage workspace settings, like for example the reminder message and the monthly recap message. Admins can now select the timezone and dates when the reminders are sent and opt-in for a shorter version of the recap message.

Workspace Admin Settings

For the web application, we’ve also made UX improvements and launched a requested new feature called Impact Page. 🎉 With this new feature, you can publicly and easily share your organization’s environmental impact and also enter an impact statement to highlight your commitment to a better planet. Check out the impact page below:

There are also many bug fixes and minor improvements to the user experience throughout the whole product.

Here are some features that we are currently working on and they will be available soon:

  • Custom tags
  • Microsoft Teams integration
  • React with emoji 🌱 to a message to give seeds

Go check out the new features and updates, and give us your feedback!

- Evergreen Team

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