Evergreen Product Update Q1/2023

Carolina Gomez

Growth Hacker

Dear users 🌍

We wanted to share with you our last product update. We’ve heard you and we have been working on a new feature and other updates to Evergreen.

First of all, we have updated our Login page. (The old one was pretty meh)

New Login page

Additionally, we have added information to our impact page where you can view the global impact of using Evergreen for your company.

Now apart from the table of results, you can learn all about how we plant the trees, our partnership with Eden Projects and how they work to help the planet.

‍Plus the information about the places where the trees are planted, you can spin the globe and know all the information of each location.

In addition, we added the stories from the communities that benefit from working on the reforestation project.

Additionally, you can check the United Nations Sustainable Goals for 2030 that you can help achieve by using our app.

Have you checked this update already? Let us know, what do you think.

On top of that, we worked on a new impact reporting page, which now shows you the number of trees you have planted and other facts !

Plus your Carbon Offset fun facts,  now you can know how many round flights from NYC to LA and burgers you have off-set by recognizing a good job.

Also for April, in commemoration of Earth Month, we are doubling the seeds of recognition that you give to your colleagues!

We always are working continuously to develop awesome new features for Evergreen. And remember, you can always view our public product roadmap here to stay up-to-date with the latest features, or you can contact us to let us know other suggestions to make your use of Evergreen, as great as possible.

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