Evergreen product update 🌳 Q1/2021

Aleksi Meldo

Co-founder @Evergreen

It’s been 3 months since we launched the major 2.0 update to Evergreen and we have been working on improving the product, listening to your valuable feedback (thank you🙏), and adding new much-requested features.

New Features

The most requested feature has been the ability to give recognition to multiple people at the same time. We’re happy to tell you that this feature is now live so go check it out — everything works with the same good ol’ recognition modal, but now you can select multiple colleagues to recognize.

We’ve also added a new monthly recap feature that will be automatically sent to your recognition channel at the beginning of each month. It will show you and your team some nice statistics and a few recognition highlights of the previous month. 🎉

We’ve also improved the Evergreen web dashboard application by adding a time filtering selection to Reporting, Projects, and Values. Select a predefined date range to view the data or set your own date range. 🔎

Full list of updates:

  • Multi-user recognition
  • Give up to 12 seeds per recognition
  • Monthly recap to recognition channel
  • Shareable personal trees planted -badge
  • Time-filtering to web application reporting, projects, and values
  • Marketing partner kit downloadable from the web app admin settings
  • Notification settings for admin
  • Never-ending bug squashing

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