Evergreen Product Update H2/2022 🌳

Aleksi Meldo

Co-founder @Evergreen

Hello world 🌍

It’s been a while since we’ve published our last product update, but rest assured, we’ve been working on a lot of new features and updates to Evergreen.

In the beginning of September we finished a long awaited project and released a whole new platform integration for Evergreen - Microsoft Teams. Yes, that’s right - Evergreen is now available on Teams and can be installed from the Teams store or  Microsoft AppSource portal.

Evergreen for Microsoft Teams

In addition to the Teams integration, we also released brand and new blazing fast web applications for both platforms, Slack and Teams with awesome new features like:

  • More speed and no bugs 🎯 (a much requested feature 😉)
  • Better analytics and reporting  📊
  • Better tag related analytics 🏷
  • Better everything!

Here’s dashboard view the new web application:


Below is the new and improved Reporting page, where you can view general statistics and recognitions statistics for each month. In addition, the company admins can see the data for each individual user of Evergreen. Data can be easily also exported to a .csv file for further analyses.

Evergreen Web Reporting


Here’s the new Tags page, where you can view statistics for all the tags that you have in use with Evergreen.

Evergreen Web Tags Page

There is also an individual reporting page for each tag where you can view statistics about the tag like who has given and received most recognitions with the tag.

Evergreen Web Individual Tag Page

The team will continue to develop awesome new features for Evergreen. And there’s even more-  we have started the work on Meta Workspace and Webex integrations, so stay tuned. And remember, you can always view our public product roadmap here to stay up-to-date to latest features.

Evergreen Team

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