Evergreen 2.0 has been released! 🎉

Aleksi Meldo

Co-founder @Evergreen

Our small team has been hard at work ever since we launched Evergreen back in the summer.

We’ve listened to your feedback and requests and made small improvements, fixes, and minor feature updates along the way.

We’ve completed a larger update to Evergreen, with major new features and improvements, so we’re calling it Evergreen 2.0! 🥳

One popular request has been the ability to tag projects and values to a recognition — we’re happy to say this is now possible. We’ve also created a nice App Home for Evergreen inside Slack where you can access all the main features easily.

Another major new feature is a brand new web application, which features a nice dashboard for tracking your personal Evergreen stats. Now you can also track how recognitions are distributed between projects and values. For administrators, there is a brand new reporting feature and a way to manage projects and values via settings.

Go check it out and hope you like the update — if you have any feedback and ideas for development, contact us!

Full release notes:

  • Projects and values — you can now tag a project or a team value while giving recognition.
  • Brand new web application with awesome features, like reports, dashboard, projects, and values.
  • Brand New App Home
  • Brand new domain (joinevergreenapp.com → evergreen.so)
  • A weekly reminder of remaining seeds, ability to set the reminder on or off
  • Admins can change the recognition channel
  • Tons of minor improvements and bug fixes.

If you haven't use us yet, book a demo with us.

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