8 Ideas to recognize employees virtually

Teemu Puuska

Co-Founder @Evergreen

Employee appreciation day is fast approaching, so it’s time to start thinking about how to show your employees that you’re thankful for all the hard work they do--even in the middle of a global pandemic!

But the key to retaining talent and boosting productivity is showing your employees appreciation 365 days a year. And since most of us are either fully or partly virtual these days, it’s not like you can just throw a pizza party in the break room. That’s why we put together this list of 4 ways to show your virtual employees just how much you appreciate them.

8 Ideas For Virtual Employee Appreciation

Get Social

One way to show your employees how much you appreciate and recognize their skills is with a social media recommendation on LinkedIn. It will only take a few minutes to write, but it will show your team members how meaningful their work is. It’s also great for your company, because it shows people that your team is made up of talented, hard-working people.

Random Recognition


Employee appreciation doesn’t have to be a big production that happens once a year. In fact, to keep your team happy and motivated, it’s best to remind them often how important they are to the company and to you. So when you notice someone going above and beyond or simply delivering high-quality work without fail, make sure to say something or send a quick note.

What if you could recognize your employees for their hard work while actively working towards your company’s goals of sustainability? Well, with the Evergreen app for Slack, you can do both. For every recognition you send, the receiver can plant a tree to offset carbon emissions.

Home Workstation Upgrades

Whether your team is permanently remote or you're just riding out the pandemic from your home office, having the right WFH station is key to keeping employees motivated and healthy.

Most remote workers don’t even have a separate room to use as a home office, let alone the latest ergonomic tools to keep them healthy and comfortable. These less-than-ideal working conditions can lead to neck and back pain, carpal tunnel, and poor posture.

You can keep your team comfortable and reduce the likelihood of future health problems by offering home workstation upgrades for your remote teams. Offer items like:

●     Ergonomic keyboards

●     Standing desk attachments

●     Blue-light glasses

●     Monitor stands

●     Footrests

●     And more.

Get Competitive

Every now and then, it’s fun to get competitive. Let people unleash their creativity and fighting spirit with low-stakes contests throughout the year.

Try out one (or more!) of these fun competition ideas:

●     Desk decorating contest

●     Pumpkin carving contest

●     Quizz and trivia

●     Team health challenges (step-count contest, 5k, etc.)

●     Cartoon caption contest

Fun and silly events like these take people’s minds off how crazy things are right now, and having a shared goal can boost company morale.

Virtual Awards Ceremony

Hosting a virtual awards ceremony is an excellent way to celebrate your employees' achievements and contributions. Create categories that reflect your company's values and culture, such as "Innovation Champion" or "Customer Service Superstar." Encourage team members to nominate their peers and share heartwarming stories about why they deserve recognition.

To make it special, send personalized digital certificates or trophies to winners and make sure to feature their achievements on your company's internal communication channels. Consider inviting guest speakers or executives to offer their congratulations and gratitude during the virtual event. This can create a memorable experience that helps remote employees feel valued and appreciated.

Care Packages

Sending care packages to remote employees' homes is a tangible way to express appreciation and provide a personal touch. Customize these packages with items that cater to individual preferences or shared interests among team members. Include handwritten thank-you notes from leadership to add a personal touch.

Consider including items like healthy snacks, company-branded merchandise, books, or gift cards. This thoughtful gesture not only shows your gratitude but also helps remote employees feel connected to their company and colleagues, even when they're miles apart.

Virtual Team-Building Activities

Team-building activities are a fantastic way to strengthen bonds among remote employees while also showing appreciation for their hard work. Virtual team-building activities can be a lot of fun and help foster a sense of camaraderie.

Organize online games, workshops, or trivia nights that employees can participate in from the comfort of their homes. Choose activities that encourage collaboration, communication, and laughter. Don't forget to capture these moments by taking screenshots or recording video snippets to share later as a reminder of the enjoyable time spent together.

Professional Development Opportunities

Investing in your employees' professional growth is a powerful way to demonstrate appreciation. Offer opportunities for virtual skill-building workshops, online courses, or certifications that align with their career goals and the company's needs.

Discuss their career aspirations and create a personalized development plan. Support them in achieving these goals by providing resources and mentorship. When employees see that you are invested in their growth, they'll feel valued and more committed to the organization.

In conclusion, virtual employee appreciation is crucial for maintaining a motivated and engaged remote workforce. These four ideas - hosting a virtual awards ceremony, sending care packages, organizing virtual team-building activities, and providing professional development opportunities - can go a long way in showing your remote employees that their hard work is recognized and valued. By making the extra effort to celebrate and support your virtual team members, you can foster a positive work culture and build lasting connections, even in a virtual world.

Virtual Employee Recognition Made Easy with Evergreen Slack App

When it comes to employee recognition, simplicity and efficiency are key. The Evergreen Slack App streamlines the process, allowing you to boost employee morale even in the midst of a pandemic. With the click of a button, you can acknowledge and celebrate your team members while taking meaningful steps towards carbon neutrality. It's a modern and sustainable way to show your appreciation. The Evergreen Slack App helps you boost employee morale even in the middle of a pandemic. With the push of a button, you can recognize your team and take another step toward carbon neutrality. Schedule a demo today to learn more!

Virtual employee appreciation is not only possible but can be even more meaningful with the right strategies in place. By leveraging social media, practicing regular recognition, aligning sustainability with appreciation, enhancing home workstations, and introducing friendly competitions, you can create a culture of appreciation that transcends physical boundaries. With the Evergreen Slack App as your ally, you can make recognition simple, efficient, and sustainable, demonstrating your commitment to both your team and the planet.

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