15 Creative Ways to Give a Shoutout to Coworkers: Templates

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In the fast-paced world of modern workplaces, it's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget to appreciate the awesome people you work with. But taking the time to celebrate your coworkers' hard work and dedication can make a world of difference in boosting morale and creating a positive work environment.

For example,in  a Survey Monkey study, a whopping 82% of workers consider recognition to be a critical aspect of their happiness at work, and 63% of employees who receive recognition are less likely to seek new job opportunities.

What is an Employee Shout Out?

Let’s start first, with what it is ShoutOut.

An employee shout-out is a special way to let your team members know you appreciate their hard work. It's as simple as giving them a big pat on the back for doing a great job!

You can shout out to one person or the whole team, depending on the situation. It can be for a big achievement, making progress over time, or simply because you think they deserve it!

There are many ways to give shout-outs. Like:

  • saying it privately,
  • Telling everyone in a meeting
  • or even sharing it online.

You can also make it extra special by giving a small gift. It's all about finding the best way to show your employees you recognize and value their efforts.

💡 Take time to appreciate employees and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways. - Dr. Bob Nelson

Taking the time to recognize and celebrate your coworkers' hard work and dedication can have a profound impact on morale, motivation, and overall workplace culture.

Now, let's explore 15 creative and heartfelt ways to give a shoutout to your coworkers, ensuring that appreciation and gratitude remain at the forefront of your workplace ethos.


1. The Big Winner: The Grand Achievement Shoutout

Every now and then, someone on your team accomplishes something truly remarkable—a big client win, an exceptional presentation, or smashing an earnings goal. These are golden opportunities for a shoutout.

Template: "Congratulations [Coworker's Name]! Your exceptional achievement in [mention the achievement] is not just a win for you but a win for our entire team. Your dedication and hard work continue to inspire us all."

Friendly Note: "Wow, [Coworker's Name]! You knocked it out of the park with that [mention the achievement]. We're not just celebrating you; we're doing a happy dance in your honor!"

2. The Slow and Steady: The Unsung Hero Shoutout

While grand achievements deserve recognition, don't forget the tireless heroes who quietly excel in their daily tasks, making the workplace function smoothly. Shout out your dependable, hardworking employees for their consistent efforts.

Template: "Today, we want to celebrate [Coworker's Name], our unsung hero. Your consistent dedication and hard work behind the scenes make a world of difference. Thank you for being the backbone of our team!"

Friendly Note: "A big high-five to [Coworker's Name], our unsung hero! You might not wear a cape, but you're our secret weapon. Thanks for being awesome!"

3. The Quick Draw: The Speedy Excellence Shoutout

Quality always trumps speed, but when someone manages to complete a task exceptionally well and quickly, it deserves praise.

Template: "Kudos to [Coworker's Name] for not only delivering outstanding quality but doing it at lightning speed. Your efficiency and dedication are truly commendable!"

Friendly Note: "Shoutout to [Coworker's Name] for not only delivering top-notch work but doing it at warp speed. You're like our office superhero!"

4. Above and Beyond: The Consistent Excellence Shoutout

In every team, there's often that one individual who consistently goes above and beyond, making a significant impact on the company. Don't let their remarkable efforts go unnoticed.

Template: "We're thrilled to recognize [Coworker's Name] for their unwavering commitment to excellence. Your dedication sets a high standard for all of us, and we're grateful to have you on our team."

Friendly Note: "A standing ovation for [Coworker's Name]! Your commitment to excellence is like a bright guiding star for our team. We appreciate you!"

5. Just Because: The Random Act of Kindness Shoutout

Sometimes, the best shoutouts are the unexpected ones. Surprise your coworkers with "Just Because" shoutouts to remind them that their efforts are always appreciated.

Template: "A little appreciation goes a long way! Today, we want to give a shoutout to [Coworker's Name] just because your hard work and positivity brighten our days. Thank you for being awesome!"

Friendly Note: "Just a little reminder, [Coworker's Name], that your hard work and positive vibes make our days better. Thanks for being you!"

Employee Shoutout Methods:

6. Staff Shoutout E-card: The Digital Appreciation Gesture

Sending an e-card to recognize a coworker's hard work is a modern twist on a classic gesture. It allows everyone on the team to contribute their signatures and heartfelt notes, making it a collective show of appreciation.

Template: "We've all signed this e-card to express our gratitude for your outstanding efforts, [Coworker's Name]. Your dedication inspires us all!"

Friendly Note: "We've all signed this e-card to say thanks to [Coworker's Name]. We're sending a virtual group hug your way!"

7. Social Recognition Feed: Celebrate and Share on a Digital Stage

Leverage social recognition feeds within employee recognition software to celebrate achievements publicly. It's like having your own company social media platform for recognizing accomplishments.

Template: "Let's take a moment to celebrate [Coworker's Name] on our social recognition feed. Your achievement is inspiring, and we're proud to have you on our team!"

Friendly Note: "Check out our social recognition feed! Today, we're throwing a virtual party for [Coworker's Name]. Join us in celebrating their awesomeness!"

8. Company Newsletter: The Public Shoutout in Print

Incorporate a dedicated shoutout section in your company newsletter, be it digital or printed. A shoutout feature can become a recurring highlight, showcasing employees' achievements and contributions.

Template: "[Coworker's Name] shines in our latest company newsletter! Your hard work deserves the spotlight, and we're thrilled to share it with the world."

Friendly Note: "[Coworker's Name] takes the stage in our latest company newsletter! Your hard work deserves all the applause, and we're here to cheer you on!"

9. Digital Gift Card: The Appreciation with a Bonus

While a shoutout is heartwarming, adding a reward can make it extra special. Consider accompanying your shoutout with a digital gift card from top brands.

Template: "We appreciate your outstanding work, [Coworker's Name]. Here's a little something to treat yourself and celebrate your achievements."

Friendly Note: "Your hard work deserves a treat, [Coworker's Name]! Enjoy this gift card from us. Go ahead, splurge a little!"

10. Employee Nominations: Elevate Shoutouts to Awards

Transform your shoutouts into formal employee nominations. Create awards like "Employee of the Month" or "Team MVP" and involve the entire team in the recognition process.

Template: "We're thrilled to announce [Coworker's Name] as our Employee of the Month. Your dedication and hard work have set an exemplary standard for all of us."

Friendly Note: "Drumroll, please! [Coworker's Name] is our Employee of the Month. You're a superstar, and we're your biggest fans!"

11. Gift Box Surprise: The Delightful Package of Appreciation

Surprise your coworkers with carefully curated care packages filled with premium corporate gifts. Let them choose their preferred gift from a marketplace, adding a personal touch to the shoutout.

Template: "Opening this gift box is like unwrapping our appreciation, [Coworker's Name]. Your contributions mean the world to us."

Friendly Note: "We're delivering a box of smiles to [Coworker's Name]. Your contributions are appreciated, and this is our way of saying thanks!"

12. Post on Social Media: Celebrate Publicly

While internal recognition is valuable, sometimes you want to share the appreciation with the world. Shout out an employee on platforms like LinkedIn to showcase their hard work to their professional network.

Template: "Join us in celebrating [Coworker's Name] on LinkedIn. Their dedication and achievements inspire us all!"

Friendly Note: "Join us in celebrating [Coworker's Name] on LinkedIn. Your dedication inspires us all, and we want the world to know!"

13. Birthday or Anniversary Celebration: Special Days, Special Shoutouts

Leverage birthdays and work anniversaries as opportunities for shoutouts. Highlight the individual's accomplishments and make it a memorable celebration.

Template: "Happy work anniversary, [Coworker's Name]! Your journey with us has been filled with remarkable achievements, and we look forward to many more!"

Friendly Note: "Happy work anniversary, [Coworker's Name]! Your journey with us has been filled with remarkable achievements, and we're excited for what's next!"

14. Breakroom Shoutout Board: A Wall of Appreciation

Create a dedicated space in the breakroom for shoutouts. Encourage team members to write messages of appreciation, fostering a culture of gratitude and camaraderie.

Template: "Our breakroom shoutout board is overflowing with appreciation for [Coworker's Name]. Your contributions make this workplace a better place!"

Friendly Note: "Our breakroom shoutout board is a happy place, thanks to [Coworker's Name]. Your contributions make our workplace shine!"

15. Shoutout with Snacks: A Tasty Token of Appreciation

Reward your team with delicious snack packs sent directly to their homes. Personalize the gesture by selecting snacks you know they'll love and include a note expressing your appreciation.

Template: "Enjoy these snacks, [Coworker's Name], as a token of our gratitude for your outstanding work. You've truly earned it!"

Friendly Note: "Dig into these treats, [Coworker's Name]. It's our way of saying thanks for your amazing work. Enjoy!"

Keeping the spirit of appreciation and gratitude alive in your workplace is not just a nice-to-have but a must-have. These 15 creative and heartfelt shoutout ideas are designed to elevate morale, increase retention, and boost employee engagement. Whether you choose to send e-cards, utilize social recognition feeds, or surprise with gift boxes, the act of recognizing your coworkers' contributions will foster a positive workplace culture. So, seize the moment and start spreading love and appreciation among your coworkers today!

16. Use technology to give shout-outs.

Start by implementing a system where shout-outs are well received to also improve your company culture. You can use Evergreen, the peer-to-peer recognition app to the shout-out in your workplace with Evergreen. Now you can have a creative way that helps you give recognition to your team, while helping the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about employee shoutouts.

Q: What are the benefits of sending out a company-wide shout-out?

The benefit of sending a company-wide shout-out is it informs the entire office of a special accomplishment. This gives an extra boost to the employee or team in question and motivates everyone else in the office!

Q: How do you give an employee shout-out?

You can give an employee shout-out in many ways. You could call out their accomplishments during a meeting, send them a card or gift, or place a message on a shared team board. The choice is yours!

Q: What are some employee shout-out examples?

Some employee shout-out examples include writing your employees a special note, thanking them publicly during a team meeting, or sending them a thank you snack box.

Q: How do you thank someone for a shout out at work?

You can thank someone for a shout-out at work by writing them a note, thanking them in person, or buying them a small gift.

Q: How do you create an employee shout-out board?

If you’re in office, you can create an employee shout-out board by buying a white board or bulletin board and putting it in a shared space. Get the team started by writing a few shout outs of your own! If you’re all virtual, create an online shout-out board with a special Slack channel or page on a team intranet. Shout-outs

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