10 Templates Notes To Thank Your Team For Great Work

Carolina Gomez

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When it comes to appreciation in the workplace, we often think about grander gestures. Whether it’s a bonus or a gift, the splashier acts tend to stay top of mind.

And while these things can certainly boost morale and show appreciation, it’s not always possible (practical or inexpensive) to offer rewards at every opportunity.

So what else can teams do to show their appreciation? Express gratitude

A simple note of recognition can go much further than you might think – especially when it’s part of a culture of appreciation. It’s one of the easiest (and arguably better) ways to recognize your employees.

Keep reading as we break down why thank you notes should be a part of your work culture. Plus, we share some templates that you can use to send your next thank you note.

A little appreciation goes a long way

It’s easy for teams to get lost in the busy day-to-day. But when you step back, there’s so much to celebrate and be thankful for!

Whether it’s a work anniversary, reaching a team goal, or even just lending a helping hand, a thank you can be incredibly valuable for employee recognition and acknowledgment.

The simple act of thanking your colleagues or team members can have a trickle-down effect. It’s key to motivating employees and building a strong team culture. Both of these ultimately lead to happier and more productive employees, which is why employee recognition is so important.

Tips for writing appreciation notes

Now that you know why gratitude notes are important, here are a few tricks to help you put that appreciation in writing.

●       Choose your moment: There are so many reasons to recognize an employee, but you shouldn’t send a thankful note for the sake of sending it. A clear milestone or celebration will make your note feel more genuine.

●       The where matters: There are so many ways to send these appreciation notes. From sending team-wide kudos over Slack to sending an old-fashioned card. When it comes to feedback, public recognition is a great way to lead by example. But in some situations, private feedback is also appropriate. Depending on the reason for the note, you might choose one method over the other – or even both!

●       It’s ok to be short and sweet: This kind of notes don’t need to be long or complex. While it’s important to communicate why you’re showing your appreciation, a quick note can often be just as effective as a longer-heartfelt letter.

Templates of Notes of appreciation for employees

Thank you notes are important, but they don’t need to be rocket science. Here are 5 templates you can use to recognize your employees as a leader or representative of your company.

Employee anniversary appreciation note

Every year an employee sticks with your company is a year that they’ve chosen to dedicate to your organization. In a world where job hopping is becoming more and more the norm, any work anniversary is certainly worth a thank you.

Hi [NAME],

Congrats on your [NUMBER]-year work anniversary at [COMPANY]! Thank you for all your contributions to the team over the last [NUMBER] year(s). You’ve made a significant impact and your work is key to helping us reach our company goals.

Looking forward to celebrating another year with you at [COMPANY]!.

Congrats again!


Work accomplishment note

Reaching goals and KPIs are a huge part of employee performance. Take a moment to celebrate the wins!

Hi [NAME],

We just wanted to say congrats on reaching [GOAL]. Thank you for everything that you do that helps us succeed and reach all our goals. We couldn’t do it without you.



Appreciation note for going above and beyond

Sometimes employees do more than what’s expected of them. Make sure to acknowledge their efforts.

Hi [NAME],

We wanted to reach out and say thank you for going above and beyond to make [PROJECT] happen.

I know it required many hours and tasks that fell outside of your job description. Your efforts did not go unnoticed. While it’s never expected for you to work outside of your responsibilities, it’s always appreciated.

Thanks again for all your help and for continuing to be such a great member of the team.



Just because employee appreciation note

Make employee appreciation a part of your culture. Take the lead by proactively sending thank you notes, even if there’s no specific reason beyond thanking them for their contributions.


I just wanted to pop in and say thank you! We know the last few months have been busy and there has been a lot on the go.

The work you do is incredibly valuable to the team and we’re always grateful for your contributions. 



Appreciation note for displaying company values

A part of keeping a strong team culture is by encouraging your team to embody your company values. Send a thank you note when a team member displays behavior that exhibits one or more of your values.


I wanted to reach out and say thank you for XXXX. One of our core values at [COMPANY] is [VALUE] and that was a shining example of displaying [VALUE].

We always appreciate when members of the team go out of their way to showcase our values, so we wanted to reach out and say thanks!



Thank-you notes for your peers

Employee recognition shouldn’t only start at the top. Peer-to-peer recognition is key to fostering a culture of appreciation.

Here are 5 templates that make it easy for team members to celebrate their coworkers and colleagues.

Work-anniversary praise note

Anniversaries are an exciting time for all employees! It’s the perfect time to send a heartfelt congratulations and remind your peers of your appreciation.

Hi [NAME],

Congrats on your [X]-year work anniversary at [COMPANY]! I’ve loved getting to know you while working together and you’re an invaluable member of the team.

Thank you for being a great teammate.

Congrats again!


Thanks for your help note

Teams often rely on each other to get the job done. Reach out to a fellow coworker when they’ve lent a helping hand – big or small. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work.

Hi [NAME],

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much for your help the other day. I know it took time out of your day, so I really appreciate it. I wouldn’t have been able to have successfully delivered the project on time without your help.



Supportive thank-you note

Sometimes thank yous can be about more than the work itself. Work can get stressful – coworkers are often there to help us get through those tough days. In fact, workplace friendships are a key part of employee motivation.  Send a thank you note to a work friend who was there to talk and support you.

Hi [NAME],

Just wanted to say thank you for being a sounding board the other day. It was really helpful to talk out the challenges I’ve been experiencing. It’s been instrumental in helping me be more productive and work at my best!



Post-project thanks note

You did it! Wrapping up a project is always worthy of a celebration. Send a thank you note to your teammates for a job well done and set the stage for future projects.

Hi [NAME],

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for all your hard work on [PROJECT NAME]. It was a challenging project but I’m so glad we were able to work together on it.

It ended up being a huge success. And I think we make a great team!

Here’s to working on more successful projects together in the future.



Thank you note to your boss

Bosses can often be missed when it comes to acts of appreciation. However, a good leader is helping you be successful in your role. So make sure to say thank you for their support! Not only is it good to recognize their efforts, but it can go a long way in improving your working relationship.

Hi [NAME],

Thank you so much for your support and guidance with [PROJECT]. Your mentorship is incredibly valuable and helps me become better at my job.

Looking forward to continuing to learn from your expertise!



Sending notes with digital rewards and recognition tools

While thank-you notes can certainly be emails, they don't have to be! There are so many ways to say thanks without having to resort to a plain-old message.

Especially as more teams spend their days online, there are many ways for teams to celebrate through digital rewards and recognition tools.

●       Make thank yous easier: Apps like Evergreen make it easy to share kudos and appreciation across teams

●       Share physical rewards: While a thank you is a huge recognition tool, rewards can also be a great way to keep employees engaged and motivated. Use digital reward tools to make rewards more flexible and personal.

●       Build a recognition program: A formal recognition program is a great way to create a culture of appreciation among your teams. Digital recognition tools help you track its success and optimize as your team evolves.

You don’t need fancy tools to start sending thank-you notes. In fact, you can even keep it old school and pick up a pen and paper. But having the technology and tools will make it easier for your team to embrace it as part of your company culture.

Thank your team with Evergreen

Evergreen makes recognition easier for teams.

Integrating directly with top employee communication tools, Evergreen helps employees show appreciation for one another with the click of a button. We’ll even encourage your team to make recognition a part of their daily workflow and plant a tree for every shout-out given.

Great for your team and great for the environment – a win-win!

Start saying thank you with Evergreen. Get your free 14 day trial or schedule a demo today.

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