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Recognise good work in your team while doing good for the planet

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Evergreen is the only peer-to-peer recognition software that lets teams recognise a job well done, while planting trees for the planet. For the ultimate positive, feel-good team culture.

+300 000 trees planted by teams

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8000+ users • 100,000+ recognitions

Plant trees to recognise your peers, while uniting your team around great environmental purpose.


of employees work harder when recognised1


of employees don’t feel appreciated at work2


lower turnover rates in teams with regular feedback3


of employees prefer non-cash incentives4

Used by leading companies wanting to improve team culture while furthering their environmental and social programs

“Evergreen brings positive feedback into our everyday work lives, with green values.”

Emilia Vesa
Head Of People & Culture

“Casual, fun, positive with recognition that makes a real world difference.”

Andrew Wilson
Chief Of Staff

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4.8 / 5 on G2 Reviews

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Tagged Value: Grit

Sue earned 3 seeds

Publicly recognise your peers with seeds they can plant into trees

Timely peer-to-peer recognition with real trees your team can plant, posted to a public team channel.

Every month, members of your team can each distribute 12 seeds to whomever they wish.

Tag company values to understand who is championing and living them.


The average times Evergeen users (active at least once a month) recognise their peers each month.

A screen showing a report of employee engagement

Report on employee engagement, and your company’s Carbon offset

See who is giving and receiving the most recognitions to better understand your team.

Track personal and company-wide Carbon offsets.

See which values earned the most recognitions, ensuring company values are visible and real.

Admins and managers have extensive reporting to help understand how the team is doing.

A badge showing 20,000 trees planted

Fulfill your CSR and net zero commitments

Prove your corporate environmental credibility, and visualise it with badges. Learn more about how Evergreen improves your Environmental, Social and Governance

Only pay for active users who use Evergreen

Lots of support, with a help center and direct email options

Cancel at any time, so why not give us a try

Start feeling good about work

For only $3.99 per active user a month. In the 14 day free trial we don’t plant real trees, but you can skip the trial if you like.